About RLC

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Thanks for visiting my blog…and indulging me a bit. I love to write about things and most of these things are posted here. I take an honest look at life from all perspectives with an emphasis on maintaining your Zen as a woman in your mid-30’s…and use a lot of curse words.

Here’s a quick bio…Wine &  Brunch enthusiast. Fashionably late. Obsessed with red lips, DvF & muscle cars. Self-aware. Introvert. Lover of life. Doctoral student. Feminist. Freelance writer. Crusader for social justice. Emotional Intelligence expert. Talker of sh*t.

I am currently writing the Finding Your Zen column for Chipped Diamond Magazine and co-hosting the Wine o’clock Podcast. Deets on that to come!

Follow me on IG @redlipsandchardonnay.



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